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The Airport projects department consists of airport engineers, programmers, architects and technical experts specialized in airport engineering. The department experts are assigned to airport infrastructure or facilities development projects (terminals, maintenance hangars, etc.) and provide their expertise in optimized project conception by using the most innovative cutting-edge design techniques. The department’s operations are focused mostly on international and private concession-holders projects.

Depending on projects’ needs, the airport department engineers could leverage the expertise of other departments of setec international or other entities of setec group, as well as of subcontractors specialized in specific areas or local experts.

The scope of provided services covers the complete project life cycle: ranging from preliminary project studies (master plan, business plan, feasibility studies) to detailed design and construction works supervision, commissioning and ORAT. The areas of expertise of the Airport projects department include both the design of new facilities and of rehabilitation projects in following domains:

  • Airside and landside Infrastructure
  • Airport facilities (terminals, hangars, cargo terminals, control tower, VIP premises, etc…)
  • Specific systems (SAS, BHS, ATM/CNS)

In accordance with the project’s needs the working team is assigned either for long-term local missions or on a short-term basis.