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Welcome to setec international’s website

setec international is a subsidiary of the setec Group, one of France’s leading engineering groups :

It undertakes the following assignments, both in France and abroad :

Etudes transport

General and economic transport studies,

appels d’offres maîtrise d’oeuvre

Feasibility studies, conceptual, preliminary, detailed and construction designs, call for tender documentation, project management of major transport infrastructure projects: roads, motorways, railways, High Speed Train (TGV), undergrounds, ports, airports,

aménagement urbain

Urban development and mobility studies,

études paysagères

Environmental, impact and landscape studies.

Over the years, setec international has guaranteed the highest level of quality for engineering assignments in the major transport infrastructure projects. It has acquired a high degree of competence in the following fields :

Transport planning

setec internationalTransport planning” department can count on 41 high level engineers in Paris and Vitrolles, capable of tailoring “upstream” technico-economic studies in the transport discipline, in France and abroad.

Project Management

The “Project Management“ department brings together experienced engineers from some of the top engineering schools assigned to infrastructure projects and backed by a team of experienced technicians who implement the latest cutting edge techniques.

Geotechnics Engineering

setec international‘s Geotechnics engineering department brings together 17 engineering graduates from the top engineering schools or university doctorates specialized in earth sciences to improve projects development and more particularly transport infrastructure.

Environment & Landscape

setec international‘s “Environment and Landscape“ department brings together, a pluri-disciplinary team of 40 engineers, landscape architects and university researchers, backed by experienced technicians and cartographers.

Hydraulics & Drainage

The “Hydraulics-Drainage” department is composed of a team of 17 engineers and technicians, who participate, according to their skills, on infrastructure projects handled by setec international.

Safety infrastructure equipment

The “Safety infrastructure equipment” department brings together a pluri-disciplinary team of 6 experienced engineers and technicians who participate in the whole range of infrastructure and development projects handled by setec international whatever the level of study.

Airport projects department

The Airport Projects department consists of airport engineers, programmers, architects and technical experts specialized in airport engineering. The department experts are assigned to airport infrastructure or facilities development projects (terminals, maintenance hangars, etc.) and provide their expertise in optimized project conception by using the most innovative cutting-edge design techniques. The department’s operations are focused mostly on international and private concession-holders projects.


Port and Inland Waterways

The Department of Port and Inland Waterways Projects of setec international consists of engineers specialised in port projects design and provides to its clients a full scope of services required for implementation of their projects, from definition of their needs to design studies and construction works supervision.

Ports et voies navigables

setec international Marseille

Siège de setec International
5 chemin des gorges de Cabriès
13127 Vitrolles – France

setec international Paris

42-52 Quai de la Rapée
immeuble Central Seine
75583 Paris cedex 12 – France

setec international Bordeaux

42-44 rue Général de Larminat
33000 Bordeaux – France

setec international Lyon

Immeuble le Crystallin,
191/193 cours Lafayette
CS 20087 – 69458 Lyon Cedex 06 – France

setec international Moscou

setec inginiring
Ulitsa Pokrovka 47A
105062 Moscou – Russie

Setec international Monaco

Le Suffren
7, rue Suffren Reymond
98000 Monaco

setec international Dakar (Sénégal)

setec ia
29 avenue Pasteur
BP 6531
11524 Dakar-Etoile – Sénégal

Setec international Abidjan (Côte d'ivoire)

Plateau avenue Nogues
01 BP 5754 Abidjan 01

Setec international Misrata (Lybie)

Ouled Baieo area
Musrata Libya

Setec international Libreville (Gabon)

Immeuble Ogar Dehassur,
BP 2325 Libreville

Setec international Tunis (Tunisie)

setec mis
7 rue 8805 – 4ème étage
Cité EL KHADRA 1003 Tunis

Setec International Saint-Denis (La Réunion)

Immeuble Rodrigues 1
Lot 6
5 rue Henri Cornu
97490 Sainte Clotilde